Members - Subscriptions

The Society members are distinguished in ordinary, extra and honorary members.

Ordinary Members

All neonatologists can become ordinary members. Neonatologists are pediatricians who have worked for at least two years in neonatal units in Greece or abroad with neonatal intensive care units as well as those who have taken specialty in Greece or abroad.

Ordinary members can also become doctors of other specialties such as pathologoanatomists, hematologists, biologists, biochemists, chemists, geneticists who have worked for at least two years exclusively with newborn infants or making research on newborn infants.

Exceptionally, ordinary members can also become pediatricians who have worked in state or private neonatal units for at least five years prior to 1994.

They must submit their application to the Board of Directors, that should be supported by two ordinary members of the Hellenic Neonatal Society and the Board of Directors examines the formal qualifications and skills of the candidate.

Extra members

The same procedure is followed for all Greeks or foreigners who wish to participate in the scientific mission of the Hellenic Neonatal Society.

Honorary members

The Honorary member title is awarded by the General Assembly following a proposal of the Society’s Board of Directors to persons who are broadly acknowledged as having offered significant services to the society, to scientists or selected members of our society.

Ordinary and extra members have the obligation to pay registration fee and yearly membership fee determined by decision of the Board of Directors.

On 23 October 2014 the Board of Directors decided the fee should be:

* 50 euros for new members

* 50 euros for past yearly fees

Please contact us for any further information.